Who We Are

Who We Are:

PowerTech Components is a pioneer and leading manufacturer of Hot Runner Wiring Systems and Power/Thermocouple Cables. Beginning in 1995, our team’s focus was properly connecting any hot runner to any controller. Soon after our start, customers began requesting PowerTech repair and rebuild their existing cables. As a result, we developed a method to build better cables and we continue to improve and innovate.

PowerTech is the leader in connection solutions and strives to offer unmatched service and quality. We are proud to see our products used everyday in every industrialized country in the world.

How We Do It


Personal Attention

Receive one-on- one attention to your situation with our friendly experts.


Problem Solving

We listen carefully and execute meticulously.


Superior Quality

PowerTech products simply outlast “look alike” products.


Turnaround Time

We provide the fastest turn around times in the industry. Give us a call and receive a same day quote.

Why PowerTech?

Comparison in Value

PowerTech is dedicated to every aspect of connecting Hot Runners to Controllers. We are here to solve your entire application.

We Solve the Toughest Connection Problems

PowerTech has seen some very complex problems and we have overcome all of them. Our experts help by listening, understanding and determining the best approach to solving them. Let us solve the connection problems you thought you  had to live with.

What have others found in PowerTech?

  • Plant managers value PowerTech because they are confident their customers will get their parts on time.
  • Tooling Engineers use PowerTech because they can provide systems that are the most reliable in the industry.
  • Maintenance Managers prefer PowerTech because our products are trouble free and they can focus on managing their business.

What We Do:

Hot Runner Cables

Available in all configurations including DME ® Type, EPIC, Robotic Grade Stack Mold Cables and any special configurations using the highest industrial grade materials available for the most durable cables available.

Cable Repair

Customers send us old and damaged cables and we rebuild them and guarantee them as new. We rebuild all hot runner cables no matter who manufactured them originally.

Hot Runner Wiring Systems

Zone numbered Terminal Blocks provide zone-to- zone integrity, which eliminates the margin of error for wiring and maintenance.

Power Frame Systems

Our systems provide simple, efficient wiring solutions for large multi-zone hot runner systems.

Custom Solutions

From custom cables to custom transition wiring systems and special mounting requirements, PowerTech has the answer. We can customize a solution for your specific application, no matter how complex.